Job Opening for Veterinarian

Job Opening for Veterinarian

Job Duties:         Independently be able to work as a Veterinarian with the help of administrative staff and technicians and accomplish the following tasks:
  • Well visit examination and provide immunization to animals.
  • Examine animals to detect and determine the nature of diseases or injuries and provide a treatment plan to treat such animals by prescribing medication, setting bones, dressing wounds, or performing surgery.
  • Collection of samples for examinations and analyses including body tissue, feces, blood, urine, or other body fluids.
  • Operate diagnostic equipment, such as radiographic or ultrasound equipment, and interpret the resulting images.
  •  Advise animal owners regarding sanitary measures, feeding, general care, medical conditions, or treatment options.
  • Educate the public about diseases that can be spread from animals to humans.
  •  Attend lectures, conferences, or continuing education courses.
  • Establish or conduct quarantine or testing procedures that prevent the spread of diseases to other animals or to humans and that comply with applicable government regulations.
  • Perform Emergency procedures and administer life-saving measures to pet animals.
  •  Counsel clients about the deaths of their pets or about euthanasia decisions for their pets.
Administrative Duties:
  • Inventory Management: Maintain adequate levels of inventory of various in-house diagnostic kits and other medicines, injections and medical supplies for an efficient and smooth running of the Veterinary Clinic.
  • Supervise administrative staff and technicians. Provide adequate training and create a cohesive functioning unit.
  • Provide regular feedback to the President or other personnel designated by them about the Clinic operations and business and community opportunities.
Reports to:         President or other personnel so designated from time to time.
Qualifications:  The successful candidate would be: Graduate in Veterinary Science from an accredited Veterinary School in the United States or equivalent (Post graduation preferred) ECFVG Certification if a foreign graduate Licensure to practice veterinary medicine in State of Michigan 3 years of work experience as a licensed veterinarian Strong inter-personal skills Computer Skills - MS Office Suite Ability to handle standard medical equipment.

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